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    Heatweed Technologies offers Europe’s leading technology and machine solutions in chemical-free weed control for the public and private sector.

    With our Maskin & Metode® program we optimise our customers’ operations with the best machine capacity on the market and the most eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions.

    We have more than 30 years of experience in weed management, specialising in recent years in chemical-free weed control. Our customers work in urban areas, in parks, in playgrounds, in housing developments, beside lakes and waterways, in national parks, around power stations and along the road network, to give just a few examples.

    Heatweed Technologies has also developed effective, chemical-free solutions for fruit and berry growers, plant nurseries and Christmas tree producers.

    In addition, we conduct our own product development and have production in Norway for selected areas of agriculture.

    In accordance with the EU’s “Natura 2000” programme and the Norwegian Nature Diversity Act we have also developed solutions for controlling various unwanted, invasive species and we play an active role in lobbying decision makers for the development of eco-friendly solutions.


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